Indulgent, All-Natural Cookies.
Made with Only the Finest Ingredients.

A wide variety of specialty cookies.


I started making cookies for my clients over 30 years ago to thank them for their business. I started with the “Original” cookie and slowly perfected it to be where it is today. A few years ago I added the other flavors as demand grew for my cookies with my clients. People started calling me “Dan the Cookie Man,” and it just stuck!

In the beginning, I just gave them away as thank-you’s, but as more and more people kept asking if they could buy them, Dan the Cookie Man Specialty Cookies was born.

I make all of my cookies from scratch using only the freshest and best ingredients. They are made in small batches to ensure quality control. No one else makes the cookies but me. When you receive my cookies, you’ll see that I use simple packaging. Your money is spent on the best ingredients to ensure the best cookie.

I hope you enjoy my Cookies as much as my friends and clients have for over 30 years!

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